Added Article from Air Force Magazine Sent to me from Mr. Huey LT.COL USAF (RET)
many thanks. I have recieved alot of emails about the site and I am glad that everyone that
has sent me emails enjoys the website. If anyone one has information, documentation or
pictures about the Nebraska Atlas F sites I would be interested in talking to you. I am going
to try to add information about each picture on the site to the best of my knowledge.


Recieved pictures of Tecumseh site 6 from owners son. Added new pictures to site.


Went to the copy center and made some copies of the construction site diagrams I have of the
Wilber site.I have diagrams of all the 12 sites here in Nebraska the owner of the Wilber site hadn't
seen the ones for his site and was happy to have them to locate some stuff that has been covered
up on his site. Drove down to Wilber and met the new owners of the Wilber site, Jeff and his wife
and friends came up to do some stuff to the site. Spent the afternoon there and hung out. Had a tour of
the site inside a out. I took about 390 pictures with my camera. I got them all resized and ready
to add to the site just need to take the time to get them added. I have been in the process of moving
to another town close here to Lincoln. Moving is so much fun. Had a good time visiting with Jeff and
I thank him for taking the time out of his Vacation time to hang out with me a bit and show me the site.


Got up about 5am to go and visit the David City site with my friend Clint. Finally got permission to
visit the site. I had been waiting about a year to get into it and see what all It had in it. Got down into
the LCC and took about 19 pictures with the digital camera and the battery died....Long story short
we had to drive about an hour to go and get some disposable camera's to take the pictures. I apologize
for the quality of the David City pictures I tend to like to get better pictures than these but there the
best that I could do at the time. Probably will visit the site again in September and take some digital
photos that will show the site much better in a true light. Thanks to Clint for driving my stupid butt
around to get some camera's to get some photos, it wasnt in the days agenda so thanks dude. I got
the photos developed in a few hours cause I couldnt wait to get them back for a few days to see how
they came out. Needless to say I spent about 60.00 I wasnt planing on spending for that day but it
was worth it. Hope you enjoy.


Took off work at 2pm today. Jeff from Wilber called and was going to go down to the Beatrice site
to look at it. He is thinking about buying this one also and making it into a home. Drove down to
Beatrice to met Jeff and the current owner of the site to take a look see. The Beatrice site has had
the stairs to the LCC removed at some time probably when the site was salvaged for the steel in the
crib and all. The Beatrice site dosn't have to much topside to see, the entryway has been torn down
so there is a small access to the site sort of. Jeff and I got down to the end of the entryway where
the stairs were and couldn't go any further with out some safety gear but we could see inside the LCC
a bit. Were going to make another visit to the site with the right equiptment and get into the LCC and
take some pictures and see what is left to see sometime when he comes back. Drove Jeff and his wife
back to Wilber and took some more photos of the Wilber site Jeff had rented a bobcat and made
some improvement to the topside where there was alot of stuff all over, now its kinda organized in
a pile to get it sent off to a steel recycler somewhere.

Web site went down a few times this week. My friend hosting the site on his PC lost his router to
a leaky dishwasher above his computers so hope that gets fixed asap.

Uploaded some new pages to the web site added Beatrice and David City pictures.


Added new pages to site, Construction Photos, Operational Photos, Nebraska City construction and
operational Photos. Updated Site news page.


Added 2005 Wilber inside photos to website


Added Wilber rehab photos


After checking out the site on a 56k connection and seeing how slow it is to load pictures I have
resized alot of the pictures on here for faster loading for those that have a slow connection. There
will be some loss in quailty of the photos but hopefully they will load faster for all of us.


Revisited Wilber site and Beatrice site. Took pictures of Beatrice LCC level 2 and silo. Wasn't
safe to enter 1st level of LCC for me. Maybe another time. Friend took pictures of LCC level 1.
I will post those as soon as there developed.


Posted new Beatrice photos on website


Posted 35mm photos of Beatrice on web site pages 3 and 4
Photos of LCC level 1


Web site went down for about a month or so. I apologise for the down time. It has been a busy 2
months for me. My son that was due on the 12th of December decided he wanted to come out on
the 25th of October so he has taken up alot of my time lately with working and having time to work
on the web site. He finally came home and is doing well. I have been in contact with a few site owners
and have been asking them about there rehab experience and am working on a page that is dedicated
to rehab information and tools for any site owners even though most of them seem to know what they
are doing.

I have put some new PDF'S on the site dealing with some rehab diagrams from a site owner. I have
also been in contact with Dave Johnson owner of site #2 Hobart Okla. He is currently working on
scanning some atlas F Core of Engineers diagrams and other kewl stuff. I hope to be able to give
him a hand this summer with the scanning since it takes a fair amount of time to do that stuff and get
it digitized. I would be interested in Photos or stories from any site owner on there rehab experience
with there site.

Congrats to Gerald Fitzpatrick on his new purchase of Atlas F Site #1 Champlain, NY. He has a kewl
website .


Added Rehab section to the web site. Hope that it gives Atlas owners some ideas on stuff. And anyone
that might have something to add can email me there thoughts or ideas on rehab options. Added PDF
of some LCC Air cylinder pictures. Im trying to locate a scanner that will scan 17" x 11" blue prints
and convert them to digital. I have some individual COE prints of each of the atlas sites here in Nebraska.
The web site hasn't been as stable as I would like it to be. Still haveing some issues with the web server
and Box its installed on. Hope to have that problem fixed here soon. Keep coming back and check for
new stuff.


Added photos from Site1 Elmwood Visit. Still working on server, new box seems to be working better
than the old one, not locking up like before. Site should be more stable now.


Added new photos for Titan 1 site in Sturges for sale, thanks to Clint Mailahn who drove up there to
take a look at it for purchase. Photos are back online also at for that Titan 1 also.
Thanks Gary for getting those back online. Gary has also updated his site in the last month with some
new kewl pictures and other stuff. Added Electrical Service installation guide in rehab area of website.
Added a short update to the Eagle site. Updated main page also. I apologise for the downtime for this
site. And I thank those that continue to come back. This site will soon be hosted by another provider
soon and there will be no more down time. I have been told that the Carlton site in Kansas has been
sold to a new and excited owner. I believe his name is Rick so Congrats Rick on your new purchase
of your atlas F and I hope you enjoy it and dont fall down the silo. :-)


I would like to wish Rick and his family my best. And will pray for them and there daughter.


Added Photos for the Titan 1 for sale of the GSA website. Fixed photos for Tecumseh site. Going to add
links page soon.


Killed link to Titan 1 for sale in Colorado, the site dosn't have the listing anymore. I am going to send
the pictures I had of the site to Gary @ Also am trying to get in contact with the
new owner of the Titan 1 site to see what his plans are for the missile part of the land. This site has a
mirror site at so if this site is down then that new url should work. I have been in
contact with some people that sound real interested in buying the AVOCA site here in Nebraska. I
hope someone buys it. Its always nice to see someone doing some active work on these sites to keep
them going to some extent. It was a rainy day today but I managed to get out to the Avoca site
and take some pictures finally. Thanks to the owner for giving me permission to take some photos.

Contacted owner of Nebraska City site today he is not going to allow me to visit the site for fear of
someone getting hurt and being sued. So if anyone has any photos of the Nebraska City site I would
be interested in getting some photos of this site.

I edited the first two pages of the Seward pictures those were the first ones I posted when starting
this site and the picture sizes were rather big so the first 2 pages should load faster now. I will get
the other pages fixed here soon. Have plans on meeting a potential buyer of the Avoca site this
week and taking him to the site to look at it.


Updated site today. There are a bunch of new updates that were long overdue. The trespassers of
some of the Nebraska sites were found. Titan 1 (Sturges) is no longer for sale but I am going to keep
it up still for a while for the pictures. Going to be adding a section for other missile silo pictures I have
from other states. Found some old pictures of the York site and am posting them, but the site has been
renovated since these new pictures.


Added Kansas Mitchell site and Kansas Glasco site photos


Added more Sturges Titan 1 photos sent to me from a visitor to the site this month.


Met with owner of Wilber site and helped clean some and took some pictures of the cleaning of the site
and some dirt work being done around the site.


Revamped the blog files that were located in the EAGLE SITE. Converting them to PDF's allowed me to
get all the pictures that I had missing and couldn't post so there are more than 3 blog files to look at now.


Updated Palmyra Site page. Changed some photo sizes for DavidCity site so pictures would load faster.
Added 23 new pictures to Wilber site from photos I had needed to get devoloped also enhanced some of
of the photos and reduced some picture sizes. Added a new site to the Other AtlasF sites page.


Updated Palmyra Page owner has new price and wants to officially put the site up for sale.


Visited Palmyra site and took photos. Updated web site with new photos of Palmyra site and owner
lowered the price of site again from 100k to 90k


The site has had alot of downtime in the last few months, the transisition of updating the Linux server
has caused a few issues which are now hopefully resolved. Sorry for the inconvience. This site is also
mirrored at WWW.NESILOS.COM and that site will hopefully be updated here in a few days. I have
changed the look of the site a little bit nothing to dramatic I was bored and wanted to add a different look.
With the new server update I am planing on adding a forum and possibly email.


Today I went and visited with Irven Feuhrer. He owns a salvage yard in Grafton Ne and he has salvaged
most if the Atlas F sites here in Nebraska in the 80's. He has some stuff left over from his salvages and I
wanted to go out to his place and see what he had left and if there is anything of use for sale to anyone
that might own a Atlas F site. I took some photos of some stuff and visited with him for 4 1/2 hrs talking
about his ventures and plans for salvaging his Titan 1 in South Dakota. He has been salvaging stuff for 30
years and has the most impressive amount of equiptment that I have seen for accessing any of the missile
sites around the country. I thank him for his time and visiting with me on a Saturday.

Added new pictures taken from salvage yard to Atlas F parts section. Special thanks to Dave Johnson
for helping me with my web site. I met Dave finally this last October and was fun talking to him.

Talked to new owner of Titan II site in Arkansas he plans to start escavating it some time in the future.
I wish him all the luck and fun with his new missile site.


Clint and I went and visited the Tecumseh site last Saturday and had a good time exploring and visiting
with the owners. We discussed how they acquired it and how it has been in the family for a while and is
a project they like to work on when time permits. Thanks to Ed and his dad for taking the time from
there family to spend a few hours with Clint and I.

Added more Tecumseh pictures of the visit. Cleaned up the front page a little bit. Still working on getting
climbing gear to get down into the bottom of the Avoca site. Talked to Avoca owner he also owns Elmwood
site and he said he might be selling his car parts business at Elmwood which means that site would be under
new ownership maybe in the near future I will be calling him soon to get more details.

I went to the Wilber site and looked at it again and there is power there now ready for the owner to start
getting down to business when he comes back to work on the site again. I will be helping him with some
of the electrical when he gets to that point in the rehab.


Well today is my B-day so I am taking a little time to update the web site again which was long over due.
I went down to Texas a few weeks ago to visit some long lost relatives and while I was there I was about
2hrs away from the Dyess Atlas F sites so I called a couple owners there and managed to get to visit with
a couple of them that I have talk too over the years and was finally able to meet them in person. I was able
to visit the Oplin site which is site 5 and also the Lawn site which is site 6. I had a great time and tried to
take as many pictures that I could. It had been raining alot there so it was a little wet at times.

My first stop was to visit Bruce Townsley he ownes the Oplin site. His site is amazing. He has done alot
of work on his site and it is his home. He was redone all of the LCC and it is just unreal to see what it
looks like now after seeing so many LCC just trashed to hell on so many of the atlas F sites. He has
carpet and tile everywhere and also some Purgo style flooring on the 2nd level of the LCC. His vision
and imagination is outstanding. Bruce has also found three of the original rams that are used to open
the silo doors and has installed one of them and has it working so he can actually open one of his silo
doors whenever he wants to.

My second stop was to the Lawn site. Larry and I had a good time talking about his site and some
of the other sites. He has also done alot of work to his Atlas F and improvements are stiil on going.



It is a new year and I hope that alot more stuff happens this year as far as missile bases go. I hate to
say that there isn't to much new to report on, There are a few things going on and some other stuff
that I need to conferm. A few things that I am working in is.

- Finding out company in Texas that is salvaging the Interconnecting cable between the sites.
- I think the David City site has a new owner working on finding that out for sure.
- Should be getting some pictures of the salvage operation of the Titan I in Sturges.
- Started a new missile group on FaceBook feel free to join and add content.


Added Photos of some demolition of the Titan 1 Site located just outside of Sturges SD.
Site will now be hosted by 1&1 web hosting just need to get the domain transfered and
the site setup. I invested in a new Digital SLR, I chose the Olympus evolt e-510. It is a
10 MP camera and it takes awsome photos. I hope to be adding some more photos to
the site and there should be some improvement on the photos I am hoping.


Added photos from trip to Avoca site.


Added new menu to website. Added Avoca rehab photos taken last weekend.
Updated NESILSO BLOG. Added some HD video from last weekend to my
you tube account. The video can be seen here.