My name is Tony Castillo. I live in Lincoln Nebraska. I was born in Kansas in 1970 and have
lived in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska as a younger child. I've been living in Nebraska since
1985 . I went to school in Palmyra in Jr.High and High school and never knew that there was
an old missile site there till about a year ago.

My interest in Missile Sites is just a hobby at this time. I would like to own one someday and
make it into a living space. I basically did a search one night as I was thinking about things in
my childhood and I knew that there had been underground nukes when I was younger but
never really thought about it till lately. So I did a seach one night on google and that was pretty
much where I got started learning about these old ICBM systems. Jim Kirk's site locations was
where I ended up and was up all night checking out the different things he has his web site.

From there I just did a search on the different types of missile sites and ended up at where I spent many of more nights up looking at the different sites he
has on his web site. From Jims site I got all the GPS site coordinates and entered them
into my Garman Etrex Legend portable GPS locater. One day I went to Nebraska City
with my girlfriend to an Arbor day celebration and took the GPS with me and located
the Atlas that was by Nebraska City. The site was fenced in so I just walked around
the edge of the fence took some pictures and was pretty much my first visit to a site.
We then drove back to Lincoln on hwy 2 and stopped by Palmyra where another site
was located and could only get to the fence that was by the highway. Being bummed
I decided to drive to Tecumseh and see what we could see there. That site was kinda
hard to find even with the GPS but we found it and drove a ways back on
the main access road to the front gate of the site and it was closed also, But we could
at least see the quanson hut that was intact on that one. We left there and proceeded to
Cortland where there was another site there. We got to that one arround 5pm on a Sunday
there were some newer houses located arround that site so the atlas was basically almost
in the backyard of this one house. I seen some guys out talking so I decided to stop and
talk to the owner of the house to see what he knew about the Atlas F. He said that the
owner of the site was there and was checking on some stuff. So I got to talk to the site
owner of Cortland for a while and ask him some questions. It was a fun day to say the
least. I did some research to find the owners of all the site here in Nebraska and have
been in contact with most of them and have talked to them and they all seem
nice about me bothering them about there hole in the ground. I know most of them
seemed concerened about liability and some people have died in these sites after
they had been decomissioned from falling or drowning. They are dangerious if you
dont know what your doing or have the right equiptment with you.

Im one that believes that pictures say a thousand words. I wanted to know what was
being done with the sites now and wanted to get some photos of them since there
dosn't seem to be alot of pictures of the Nebraska sites on the web. I wish that all
that visit this web site could get an oppertunity to visit an Atlas F but I know that isn't possible
for all of us. Some owners didnt want there Atlas's on the web but after talking to them
and telling them that its peoples curiosity that makes them break into them and damage
them, if there was someplace on the web they could see what was in them that they wouldn't
need to break in and damage there property. I have hopes that this site will help with that.

There is nothing like the feeling of standing on the edge of a silo and looking down into the
abyss. Most of these sites in Nebraska can be visited with the owners permission and if it
fits into there schedule. I won't be posting any contact numbers on my site for the owners
to protect there privacy but there are ways to find them out if a person wants to do the
research like I did.

Any questions or comments are always welcome. I enjoy talking to others about my
hobby and enjoy sharing what knowledge I have with those who want to know about
the Atlas F's here in Nebraska. HAPPY and SAFE Exploring to all.


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