Trash Removal From LCC

These ideas are from site owners and what they
have shared with me on the removal of trash
from there site

Most sites that I have seen that no one is working on have been pretty trashed up with stuff. Some have had the escape hatch opened and have sand on the 1st floor of the LCC. There are some that havn't had there escape hatch pulled and still have sand in it. There are two ways that I know of for removing trash from the LCC. One is to take it out the escape hatch which if the hatch is still intact will need to be removed carefully. The second way is to take the trash up threw the middle of the stair well with a hoist on the I beam and take it threw the main entrance, which is a good idea unless you have blast doors that are welded shut or have holes torched out of them. There is alot of stairs to carry the trash up and with the amount of trash that will probably need to be removed I would be finding a way to do it the easiest for me.

If your lucky enough to have a site that has the entrance clear to the LCC then taking trash out threw the entrance could be the best. The one idea that I have seen that worked is to install some rails from the top of the entrance to the bottom and use some a four wheel cart of some kind and wench the cart from the bottom to the top with the trash in it.

Building an A frame of sorts would be the best idea and using a hoist of some sort would be better on the back. Plan on getting a roll off unless you have a big truck to haul all the debree away. You can get them in length from 10 to 40 yard sizes. A friend of mine filled his up about 6 times.
Any additional ideas or comments are welcome just drop me a line and I'll get it posted.
If you think that taking the trash out threw the escape hatch is the best option for you then you will need to open the hatch and clear out the escape shaft. Most of the escape hatch doors have been welded shut so taking the welds out could be a challenge and totally removing the hatch isn't that much easier since the whole hatch assembly weighs prob 200-300 lbs and will have to be wenched down to the Lcc floor Safety is a must when doing this.
Im not well informed on what kind of hazzards are in the debree in the LCCs such as Asbestos or what not so find out for sure what could be in there while moving stuff around. Investing in a breathing apparatus might be a good investment till your sure what kind of breathing hazzards might be in your site.

Make sure your site is well ventalated when doing debree removal or any other kind of dust making projects.