York Site 10

I found this video on You Tube from YorkNewsTimes it was posted 10-25-06

There has been a few articles of this site and its TCE contaminiation they can be read here

40-53-43 097-41-09
52 miles W of Lincoln Nebraska
(5 miles WNW York Nebraska)
GPS Locations provided by

I'd like to thank the owner for taking the time out of his busy schedule
and giving us a tour of the site and allowing me to take some pictures
to share with the world. This site has been vandelized a few times
over the years and the last vandels were caught and prosecuted.
PLEASE respect the owners and there property. This is private land
and should not be entered, with out the direct permission of the owner.

Trespassers will be prosecuted!!

Im posting these pictures in hopes that anyone that would think about
entering this site with out permission for curiosity sakes wont need to.

NEW 05-02-06 "1996" YORK photos

This site was purchased from www.missilebases.com in 1997 or around that time.
It is currently being leased by the Core of Engineers for cleanup of Toxins in the ground.

BlastDoor Opening Video
Quicktime Video 2 Meg


Photos Taken by Tony Castillo 6-25-05