Tecumseh Site 6

40-25-54 096-11-22
37 miles SE of Lincoln Nebraska
(4.3 miles N Tecumseh Nebraska)
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These pictures were sent to me from ED EISENHAUER who is the son of the current
owner. I would like to thank him for taking to time to send these great pictures to me.
I have plans on visiting this site in the future and taking some more pictures.

Click here for new 2006 photos I took

This is the first blast door.


This is where the 1st floor bath area was located.


A picture from the 1st floor of the LCC looking at the support column.


This looks like the 1st floor with what apears to be some left over heating stuff and a few lights.


Looking at the 2nd floor, lots of pipes and heating ducts still in the site looks like.


More pipes and stuff.


Main entrance road to site.


The antenna base is under the windmill fins.


Looking below the 2nd floor of the LCC lots of good finds there sometimes. :-)


Entrance to the utility tunnel.


Looking up from level 2 at bottom side of silo doors.


Yet another view of the silo doors.




Looking down at staircase looks like original landings but stairs dont look original.( not enough rust)


View from top of entrance down at escape hatch.


Top side of silo, doors in the background.


View of silo doors from I'm guessing top of entrance portal.


Emergency escape hatch not sure if its been used.


Looking inside of escape hatch from topside not sure if thats the original sand still in there.


Looking from 1st blast door to second blast door.


Looking from what I think is the 1st pass threw door to the second.



Looking threw last blast door down to 1st level of LCC.


First corner threw passthrew doors.( I believe)


Chain Entrance to site. Original chain link sliding door still intact.


Looking from middle of utility tunnel towards last 2 blast doors before main silo.


Walking down stairs to 2nd level of LCC.


Looking down from main entrance portal down the stairs.


Another picture of the underside of silo doors.


Main entrance gate. Some gate controls to the left I believe.


Quanson Hut and Utility pole to right.


Looking to the left from silo tunnel entrance.


Looking to right from silo tunnel entrance.


Topside silo doors.


Main entrance portal. Not original door, with escape hatch in background.


Entry portal and candycane vent.


Looking from Silo ledge back into utility tunnel.


Looking down into silo, silo looks like probably 2/3 full of water. Dont go swimming with out a Life preserver.



Another view down into silo.


Some venting left over going into what looks like fueling shaft ?


View looking across silo from silo entrance tunnel.