Equiptment room has been accessed and original stuff is still there. Plans to
salvage site in spring still a go.

I've been in contact with the owner of this site and he is in the process of getting
ready to strip the site of it steel. He has brought up 8 semi loads of stuff to get
the site ready to salvage next spring. He has opened one of the silo doors and
some of it has been salvaged allready but there appears to be plenty of steel in
other parts of the site that is salvagable.


This site was visited by a friend of mine just last month
and he was kind enough to take some pictures and give
me some copies. Thanks to Clint ..again for providing
us with these pictures.


Site #3
Sturgis South Dakota

The owner gave me permission to list this Site For Sale and to give some details on the site.
The owner of the site is a Salvager and has plans to start stripping the site of Iron and anything else
that can be sold as scrap. This site aparently has all the cribing in the silos and the generators
are believed to still be there. This site has been flooded and the owner has been pumping it out
off and on since last year to start salvaging it. The site has 57 acres and 2 wells on it. Also a new
80' X 125' building has been erected on the site.Salvaging is planed to start next spring.
He is willing to sell it to anyone for the asking price of $250,000.00. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY.
The owner says this is the most complete Titan 1 site that he has seen.

There are pictures at www.siloworld.com but the pictures have broken links. I have asked Gary to
work on them when he gets a chance since he is busy working on his Atlas F site in NM. He has
responded that he will try to get them working asap. This site being 10 miles east of Sturges would
make an awsome camping ground, Casino, who knows what you can do with it. It would be sad to
see this site get stripped of its history so someone buy it and save it. I think someone should make an
association of some sort have 2500 people send 100.00 and be part owner of a kewl titan 1 site. :-)
Someone smarter than me can figure that out.

To Contact the owner:

Grafton Service
Grafton Nebraska
ERVIN is the owners name

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